If Your Alarm System Looks Anything Like This, it's Time for an Upgrade.

Verified home security response alarm systems are crucial to your family’s safety, and if your alarm system looks like this it does not have it.

Did you know the national average for police to respond to an alarm is 40 minutes? All security companies are capable of providing monitoring for burglary, fire and medical needs. However, because 94- 98% of all home security alarms are false alarms, emergency professionals have trouble determining how urgently to treat each call. For example, how does a monitoring station hundreds of miles away determine if your homes alarm signals are a true break in or just a false alarm? Most companies cannot tell the difference; they simply have no way of verifying if your alarm is real or not. It’s no wonder these calls are no longer a priority and take on average 40 minutes to respond. But there is a solution that police love and burglars hate: verified audio and video response.

You see, if you can verify that someone is in your home it makes a crucial difference in how the police respond to your emergency. Verified alarms get the police to your home in an average of SEVEN minutes! That is 5.7 times faster than a typical discount alarm monitoring system, and faster than the ten minutes for the average burglar to get in and out. Police are also 5-13 times more likely to make arrests due to audio and video verification.

So how does verified audio and video response work, and how can you tell if your system has these features? The audio feature works by your panel calling directly to our monitoring station during an emergency. This then allows our agents to communicate with whomever is in the house to verify the emergency, or listen for any noise being made in the home that indicates a burglary in progress. In addition to the vital verified audio response, the video feature includes a built in camera system that records any movement in the house during an emergency. It then uploads the video immediately to alarm.com where you will get a notification directly on your phone and allows you to see what is happening in your home. During an emergency it also allows our monitoring station agents to almost instantly see the bigger picture of what’s happening in an emergency. The monitoring station can then call the police with a verified burglary in progress, and significantly shorten the police response time, keeping your family and your belongings safe!

As you can see, not all alarm systems are equal when it comes to catching criminals. Are you protecting your family and home with verified audio and video response?

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