Ideas to Stop Package Thieves

We live in a day when we can buy almost anything online and have it delivered straight to our home. It’s fast, convenient and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home! It’s no wonder that shopping online is so popular.

However, with this convenience there is an annoying drawback. Package thieves, or porch pirates as they’re sometimes referred to, can steal your package off your doorstep before you have an opportunity to bring it into your home. According to USA Today, 30% of Americans have had packages stolen from their porch. Thankfully, there are a few solutions to prevent package theft.

First, you can sign up for courier alerts. Delivery companies like Fedex, UPS, and the U.S. Postal Service allow you to sign up for alerts so you know exactly when your package will be delivered. This way you can make arrangements to be there when it comes.

Second, you can rent a secure mailbox. Most local UPS stores have secure mailboxes that allow you to have your packages delivered to a safe place where you can go pick them up during store hours.

Third, and most convenient for homeowners, is a smart home security system I offer, that stops package thieves in their tracks. Here’s how they work:

Step one:

Tell your delivery person your preferences and ask him/her to ring your doorbell camera when delivering packages.

Step two:

Be ready to answer your doorbell camera on your smart phone and use your smart home door lock to unlock your door and disarm your home security system. You can do all of this from your doorbell camera screen on our app.

Step three:

While talking to your delivery person on your doorbell camera, ask them to put your package inside the door. When they’re done putting your package inside, lock your door and set your security system with your smart phone and you’re all done. Your package is secure!

I’m available Mon-Sat from 9Am to 8PM to explain in detail how these work, or answer any questions you have about any other home security options. Thomas Hay, Optimus Home Security, 346-800-2558,

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